Thursday, September 30, 2004

Some of Margeret River...

Left (L) Tobby, Right (R) Tobby jumping to catch the stick.

(L) & (R) Tobby flying

(L) Turkey at home, ready for christmas. (R) Godsister at winery.

(L) & (R) Vine yards

The rest of pic is just for arts looking...

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Back to 2nd home

Hmm...wondering why my alarm clock is not ringing.... trying to open my eyes at look at my alarm clock... it shows 6:40am...Though it would ring when 6:30am... ahhh.... last nite I must be turn the knob more than once (turn it on, adjust the time to ring, and turn again assume is On possition but was end up in off position). get myself ready while ask my sister to be fast too... haha... counldn't wait to go to my 2nd home - Margeret River. What's so special about that place? Well, my home back in BM is where the reserved forrest planted with rubber trees.... So I should say is in part of the farm too. Margeret River is also a country side, about 248KM away from south of Perth. Is one of the most famous place in Australia and many many many vine yards down there. They produce good wines and one of the them actually is one of the top 5 winery in Australia... heheh...My godsister work in one of the top 5 winery, so for sure she is staying there with her partner. So there is a spare room which I can go there anytime I want and stay there as long as I want to, makes me feel like at home. So we go, sneak down to there and have a few days rest.... get out of this busy world... enjoy the wine, play with my best mate, Tobby, a sheep dog, enjoy the fresh air... and also is cold at nite... ^_^ yippeee....going home.....

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Moon Cake Party? or Makan Festival? afternoon have to go for a so called moon cake party, and was told will start at 4:00pm...what the..... Why is that malaysian always like to use the typical "Malaysia Rubber Time"??? This habbit has not changed althought the person already came to Aus for more than 5 years. Shame on him....
well, arrive at 4pm, and what the... no one there yet, my friend even not at home...terrible... waited for sometimes, he got back with pork chops, chicken wings, king prawns, sausages, corns, frozen mussels...looks not bad... So chit chatting with another fren while waiting for the malaysia rubber to shrink and get everyone here.... wait....wait...wait.... hey, i do have a lot of patient, huh... waited till 6pm... I said, I don't care now, I will start the BBQ stove and start grilling... few of us do agree, without waiting them, start the fire..... pork chops, chicken wings, sausages on top the griller...AHhaha...chicken wings shrink..... ~fast forward~
End up the nite, I was the only person do all the grilling as looks like many of them may be just don't know how to use the Aussie Style BBQ stove...
Comment on the nite:
1.the meat doesn't taste good as not much flavour, tasteless, marinade sauce not enough. I mix with my beer to make it taste something.
2.Salad come out too late, the person making salad arrive late, talk much, and start to salvage the meat to fill up his tummy before only willing start to move to kitchen to make the salad. When is ready, everyone also had had their lovely grilled dinner. ^_^ too late pal
3. need to get bigger Chicken wings, not chick wings. as chicken wing and chick wing taste a lot different. chick wing will become rubber chick wing after grilled. or even get drumsticks.
4. Don't ask 3 come at 4pm, 5 come at 7pm and 5 come at 8pm, its blardee ridiculous. Its real typical malaysia rubber time.

The most important part in the party, we shared the little tiny moon cake among 13 of us!

Dodgy Modification

At my godparents house, There was a light to be fix. Unscrew 4 screws, took the cover out, turn the main power on, conduct the two wire (Life and Neutral) with the test probe...slowly checking the fault... beep... got power....beeep.... still got power....~no beep... Ok...this ballast is faulty... By the way, ballast is the white color thingy that used in the flourescent lights. Dismantle the ballast and try my luck to get it from the shop for a replacement.....1st shop... wow..sorry sir, mayb you can try the shop down and bla bla street... they might help you out.... got to the 2nd warehouse..... hmm.. this one, give me a few minutes and I will ring and ask the price..... few minutes later... sir, this thing, we have to order from the eastern state and will going to be $22.... What? that one for $22??? What the......The whole new set of light cost $17... without thinking, I say to the salesperson, just leave it... is tooo expensive... Anyway, try not to invest $17 for a new housing + lights, those lights at home strike my thinking.... manage to get info from internet... and start look at one of the light at the hallway is abit dull, about to go... So go down to the shop to get a new globe to replace the one on the hallway, so that the old one can donate the heart for another lamp... What I do were, those energy saving light or also known as Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL), I opened the bottom part where the white color plastic, pull the component inside and rewire them and use it as the ballast. So in conclusion, the lamp now is 100% energy saving as electronic ballast only draws the amount is needed to light up the tube white those white heavy ballast will just draw full power no matter is a tube is fitted or not.
After got it wired up, check the circuit breaker a few times to make sure it trips... Haha... scared if later I try to turn it on, the light "Pau Char"(means explode in hokkien dialect) protection abit.... plug into the power socket... stand far, turn the back facing the light, 3.....2......1.....ON........ nothing heard.... Yes!!!!! it lit.... yippeee..... so the $22 old heavy ballast is replaced by the $5.00 electronic ballast. ^_^ will last longer...

Sunday, September 26, 2004

Finn's Muffins

Photo above, start from left, clockwise. A tray of 12 normal size dark chocolate muffin. Dark choco muffin with some choco toppings. Texas or Texan size Apple Honey Cinnamon Muffin. Another angle shot of apple honey cinnamon muffin.

Hmm...yumyum...Fryday manged to get the muffin moulds. Didn't realise that devil do love making muffins too... haha.... loooks and taste yummy. Thumbs up!!! want some?

4 Days later.....

The photo above is taken on wednesday night.

Two photos above is taken on Sunday night, 4 days later of the accident.

Friday, September 24, 2004

Before & After

$200 for 3 hours job and peeled my finger skin, under quote! Haha

City tour?

Hmm.. It has been long long long long time I had not been to the cityof perth for shopping since I got back to perth. Today the weather is beautiful, fine with about 22 degree celcius, I love it. After collecting money from the previous job, decided to drop by to wonder around the tiny little busy city of Perth. Drive into the multiple story car park, got out of the car... Heading to the lift, in front of me was 2 young couple. Gosh... the girl just looks like barbie doll, looks beaut but like a doll... Ahh...not going to look at the boyfriend... since the guy is not starring at me or look at me at all, why not have a few more look again before reaching the ground floor. Haha
Went around the shops, some old historic building had been pulled down, going to build underground train station, don't think is subway. Whatever, that train station will be ready by 2006, so still long way to go.
Shop around to look for the best price for the muffin mould. Most shops have about the same price range, so try for the luck to see which one is having a sale, I did eventually found one yet is a 5 star mall, well, having sales on 30%... ahha... got them, 1 big muffin and 1 medium sized mould. =)
Well, still have sometime as my sister still do her shopping, not sure which shop she went... Since I had not been to city for ages, why not just walk around to see what's got... Then a shop came to my mind, why not go to the Australia National Geographic shop... I proceed to where the shop used to be, but just couldn't find it and eventually realised was closed and move to somewhere or just gone timbuktu, not sure, yet to be find out. Since that shop is invisible, changed my mind to go to another gift shop, gosh... where is it??? I'm sure used to be here, but the name is different, shop layout is different and the things too abit different. ~sigh, the shop gone too... What's going on... Ahh..whatever...then thought of go to one of the CD shop and see whats nice music available... Oooops... what the... GONE!!!! hehehe...why all my favourite shops seem vanish from the city or they just been relocated to some corner... not sure... Anyway, not bad too as now is also local universities holiday, wowww...wuhoo...wahh...yea.... so many chicks... =P whatever, since is wondering around, and is there, so have a loook... Did drop into one of the fav bookstore and grap a couple of magazine, mayb will read them sometime later today or the week... ^_^

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Not my day....

Today I got an accident and my fingers got injured while working. This is how my injured fingers looks like. It just not my day. I feel lucky enough in a quick reaction I quickly pull my hand off and the skin ripped off back down as you can see in the picture, else my 2 fingers would snap into 4 pieces. I can see the white flesh afther the skin ripped, in a quick time, get to the nearest tap and wash it, then can see the fresh red juice start to flowing out from the peeled skin.... The pain start reaching my brain and the brain not sure what to do but trying to push all the blood down to the leaking pipes to try to clog it. End up my face turn pale in a quick time while trying to ease the pain.

I didn't know that the electrical insulation tape are so useful... haha, to stop the flowing red juice uncontrollable, wrap it with a layer of serviette and secure it with electrical insultation tape, so it looks like I got 2 fat red funny looks finger. =(

p/s If the picture above is not shown, try refresh the page a few times or let me know, will try to fix it.

Monday, September 20, 2004


Any spare parts? My stomach need replacements, it means is not functioning well, is getting worst. ~sigh

Diagnosis report: Lactose intolerence.
Quantity of lactose discovered: x > One table spoon.
Items prohibited: mushroom soup, all sorts of cream, anything content lactose.
Items enter at user risk.
Chemical reaction: fastest, less than 10mins.
Effectiveness: up to 2 days.

Monday Morning -Annoyed

For gooodness sake, why some people are so terrible dumb??? Yet able to get a job? I just don't know why that person keep trying to send me a fax and which I don't have a fax. They are just so dumb and brainless root, just keep trying ring and send fax..... for goodness sake, be more brain yet not be more brainless or slacker, ring with voice call and check whats going on or to make sure got the right number...... Not set to auto-redial and keep dialing few millions time to the same number and try to send a fax which the number does not have any fax! Some people work in a profession working environment but the action is just so dumb and worst than a retarded person, no EQ, no cowsense and just brainless. next time should put a revenge caller, make sure call to the person's home at nite and try to send fax every bloody 30 secs!!! This country produce many retarded people, just beware!

Saturday, September 18, 2004


Hmm..still thinking what rice to cook for tonite's dinner. what's the rice with sultana or raisin in it. very sure not kunyit, just not sure is briyani or tamato. Could be the same, what ever. Let's search in the web. Ahha, is briyani. Gotta the recipe, but will abandon the yogurt. without wasting anytime, better be qucik, go down to the shop and get those spicies.
About 4pm, start to put alluminium foil on the tray, arrange the marinaded chicken drumsticks and tights on the tray. All the way slide into the oven with temp 180 degree celcius. Now, the rice.... just follow in order, add butter, add spices, add rice, then add chicken stock... then wait for it to cook.... hmmm... smelllllll very flavoury..... yumyum...errr.....Ooops.... didn't expect the scent is so strong...and its actually making feel abit choking while standing by the side of the rice cooker when is cooking.... hope they will like it. anyway, don't care... hmm..sounds abit rude to my godparents...

well, my godparents arrived.... welcome them... wonder around the house for inspection. As they had not been here since I moved in. Pass the inspection, happy enough and I'm allowed to continue to stay here... haha.... else would need to move again... Dinner time.....

Mum: likwei, what's this? (as I dish up the rice into a plate)
Me: Oooops... is a sort of spices rice back in malaysia, I think is sort of malay traditional rice, something like that.
Mum: Hmm... I can smell very strong spices flavour.
Me: Errrr... This is the first time I'm cooking this rice, and everyone is the guinea pig. So I don't dish too much rice in everyone's plate as not very sure you all will like it or not, but help yourself for more.
Mum: Well, my boy. It should be taste good by the look.

After the mouth of the taste of the rice... Ohhh..... is yummy....phew....glad to hear that everyone like it.......
Haha...another breakthrough.... nasi briyani...bake satay chicken require fine tuning....
Hmm... what's next?

Friday, September 17, 2004

Its a big big world....

This world is so small. Often heard people say they bump into friends while walking down the street or after many years, discovered someone just stay few doors down the street.... the world sounds real damn small... But my world seems is not small, I have not bump into anyone of my highschool or even college mates in the reality since I came here but manage to locate some of old friends.... hmmm... what' going on? Something wrong with the world? or just me something wrong? not social enough? or just my friends are hardly willing to be a sandgropper?.... or I'm just a real bummer that no one willing to let me to bump in... haha.... Hello....anybody there???

Thursday, September 16, 2004

feeling better...

At last, another breakthrough... Wednesday nite / Thursday early in the morning was the worst night ever I had since the last action 3 years ago, worst than nightmare. Well, manage to get over it again.... really is not damn fun... Today feel much better... sob sob... What's wrong with me....

My head's spinning
Boy, I'm in a daze
I feel isolated
Don't wanna communicate
Never ever have I ever felt so low
When you gonna take me out of this black hole?
Never ever have I ever felt so sad
The way I'm feeling yeah, you got me feeling really bad
Never ever have I had to find
I've had to dig away to find my own peace of mind
I've Never ever had my conscience to fight
The way I'm feeling, yeah, I just don't feel righ
I'll keep searchingDeep within my soul
For all the answers
Don't wanna hurt no more
I need peace, got to feel at ease
Need to be.
Free from pain - going insane
~Content Extract from Never Ever by All Saints~

That's how can be describe something how I felt at that time...

Wednesday, September 15, 2004


Why????? Is that once had done/attempted before, and it will happen again and again down the lives?
Why is that the blardee thought is keep bugging me? Sh**...Why did no one tell me the damn thing last forever!!! Anyway, I still keep my yellow ribbon card.

Can't stop Starring at you!!!

I just called.....

If it does not automatically play. Point your mouse pointer to top of this line, right click and select play. THanks.

Silly Handyman

Beep Beeep...Beep Beep...Who is that ringing that early in the morning...damn.... (starring at the phone, showing the number but no clue is who).... Hope is not those asking for my feedback again... since I complaint too much, always get call back ask for feedback.... press one of the button on the phone...
Eric: Wei... Wake up call...Wake up call....
Finn: What the @#$ changed number again???
Eric: Na...this is my second number..
Eric: Kanasai... still sleeping arr??? ehh...later appointment 11am with the food and beverage assistant director (F&B). He not free after 12. We meet downstair Burswood.
Finn: ok ok... let me have a look at the clock... Oooops.... is 10am now.... Sh**... ok ok... will be there, don worry too little...I won't be late...

11am, got there... the F&B and I hope into my friend's car...Ok.. reach the place... ohh.... Wahh.... lucky not so bad... ok...
F&B : Ok.. I want all this crabs go... this tree uproot and and do whatever you can do to make it looks clean...
Finn: errr.... will have to get one those instant bin.... and will cost that much for do the whole lot.
F&B: ok. deal.
drop him back to hotel... lets go good buddy, ehh... are you sure you can cover your cost or not??? how come so cheap? ya, sounds very cheap, ask commercial will cost about double the price Approx $400..... Sh**... now I got problem... I don't have the blardee tools.... thinking thinking... well...better go seek help.... doesn't looks very bad... just err....need blardee tools.....
~sigh...really a dodgy handyman without complete tools.... what the @#$#...if I start to buy tools again...gosh.... I almost can do any hand works but not printing $$$.... better find a way to get out of this situation....seems like am in trouble again... anyone want to joint venture, I do the work you put in $$$, i get pay, you get the interest pay depend on how much $$$ you put in. hmm... not bad huh... at least can help someone out of trouble and still get interest...rather than dump into the bank and help the president to buy bigger toy and get interest.

Update: Problem solved. Seek help from the big boss.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Keep the fingers cross

With my green hands, planted some of the gian sunflower seeds, planted 3 lot, 2 in each lot, hopefully 6 will be out and transplant them into 6 individually. Decided not to plant the whole packet at once, thinking of make break them into few batch by delay plant them once a week. By doing this, so that I will have sun flower everyweek.. Haha..12 weeks from now, pray the sunflowers will bloom like the sun in the sky. Also did break those tuberose into individual bulbs, not rose in a tube or tube in a rose... is white flower that produce nice scented... Anyway, if do have chance, will snap pictures... Haha... Not very sure those newly planted Lavender is growing roots or is dying, can't really figure out, not to worry too much, is Free...not success, will cut and plant again from the fresh one...yipee.... starberries? strawberries in 3 weeks time.... want some?

Monday, September 13, 2004

Another day......

Just now went for a afternoon walk, just to cool down myself, trying to release some stress, trying to get rid my physco anger. call in to the warehouse again, as they have one nursery on the site, wonder around looking at the trees, plants and beautiful wonder around in the garden, saw something interesting... I want to buy strawberry plant... many I picked one All year round and one Hoko... and took one pack of Giant Sunflower seed. It says will grow 1.8 - 4 .5 meter tall. Yes... Max 4 .5 meter... I want to take the damn challege... have not seen people around growing... well...will plant some tomorrow...hopefully will grow well... will snap some pic to show later...

Sunday, September 12, 2004

I gone physco again

ARghhhhhhhh.......~Help.......I'm so disappointed with myself, the world...Finn, what the heck are you doing???!!!!! Just feel like want to kill myself again!!!!! Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh..........I'm so pissed off of myself..... NO!!!!!!!! I'm trying not to end myself!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, September 11, 2004

~Thicken Cream

This is a real incident, it happened to me 3 years ago when arrive at this country not long after and at that stage, I still brushing my english listening skill as it is not my mother language and I hardly speak when back home...
Here's the story.
One afternoon, I had forgot what lunch is that for, but remember everyone will be there... Anyway, I live about 35km away from my godparents homeand takes about 30mins to get there. Before I go there, just give a quick ring and ask my godmum if is there anything want me to get on my way there. So she said on the phone "Could you pls get one small tub of Thicken Cream for the dessert later on." Ok mum, I will get that for you, see you later. Then I hang up the phone and continue driving heading to the shop to get that cream. As you know, when on the phone, sometimes is abit hard to listen the specific word, so here's the problem I had. I went into the shop, go to the cool section and start looking for "Chicken Cream"... (as you read each word fast, Thicken..chicken...thicken..chicken...both sounds about the same when you heard the "icken" accent when you did not hear the Th)... Since my brain register it as chicken cream, so I just ignored other type of cream... saw sour cream, whipping cream, thicken cream but not so called chicken cream... strange.... nevermind, give mum a buzz again and ask how it actually looks like.... rang, and told her I can't locate so called Chicken cream, straight away she laugh and said to me, "Is Thicken Cream, T-H-I-C-K-E-N, Thicken cream, my boy..." Haha... Myself too laugh... got the cream and head for the lunch.... And now had become one of the family table jokes...
Thicken ...chicken...thicken...chicken.... Can you pass me the chicken cream?

Friday, September 10, 2004

It's not my day....~tension....

Got to my work site at about 11am...start late huh... have a look at the room, judge approx. where to put the telephone point.... climb up to the top of rooof, push some of the roof tiles....Ooops...... just have a small gap that I can slide the wire thru.... anyway, got down, back to the room.... get my drill ready....start drilling....grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr........... grrrrrr.....shit....Not able to go deeper.... well... keep trying till i got the 3rd one... at last... bloom, got thru now.... put a piece wire in for prepare to hook the fish line in, then shine the torch into the hole.... got back to the roof, now track the light source with hook and drop the fishing line down.... where the heck is the hook or light???take out my 500,000 candle light torch, point it down to the gap...Shit..... how come got two piece of thing overlapping on top the hole I just drilled... argghhh..... have to drill again, now higher to be above those 2 craps... grrrrrrrrrr....grrrrrrrrrrrrrr...... got thru now... repeat again, slide the wire hook in, climp up to the roof again, now this time drop down the fishing line...go back to the room, pull the hook out, take the fishing line, tie the phone cable and push it into the hole...go up to the roof, rewind the fishing line and got the phone line pull up between the double brick wall.... now half done.. route the wire to the tapping point, cut the wires in length, insert them into the line joiner, clamp on...Oooo...looks coool, all set... now DONE... put all tiles back... go down to the roof, connect the point, plug the phone line in... lift the handset.... Shit.... is silent...where is the damn dialing tone... arghh... go up to the roof again, check the color code, make sure tap the right line... back down again..... gone to the other main line site and check... all correct!!!.... was just up to the roof top, down, up and down for more than 10 times... still no luck... ooops.... is 2:30pm.... last chance, got up, pull out the joiner, join those by twist them with my finger... seal with wire tape.... got back down again... works.... but strange, I had been using those joiner for so many phone extension connection and it just works one clamp.... this time it just don't work at all.... mayb it just not my day... guess wat, the job should take about 1 1/2 hour or even less..but took me more than that.... strange......... well, that's dodgy........

Thursday, September 09, 2004

Dodgy Handyman's Life???

Oh yea....Thursday....not working today... but as usual eyes open at 6am...c'mon, back to bed.....7am..arghhh....still early... try sleeep in, pls...... 7:45am....ok..surrender..wake up... (looking at the sky)...... the weather forecast said today showers, easing in the late afternoon....but I can see mostly blue sky and dark clouds on far north side... oh, by the way, I can say that the weather forecast in perth is 95% accuracy, and the most is 3 days forecast... Anyway, so did not plan for anywork today... as usual, make myself a bowl of espresso mocha...turn on computer and start checking my emails...Oooops, today is 9th of Sept... House inspection day... better make sure things alright...Haha, not to worry too much, nothing much I can do, everything still the same, wall still intact...look at the time...still too early, well, since the weather still loooks abit overcast, why not have morning walk to the post office since I need to post a lot of mails... be safer to put on my weatherproof jacket just in case....that's busy post office, long can hear the reception pls... next's my turn. Can I have the stamp for this envelope with this lot of mails in it, pls? (ok. Let me check the price, the lady said and asked again where going to send to?) I told her just perth. It comes to $3.40 for the postage and is 0.210gm. What??? $3.40 for the lot just to perth??? yup, pretty sure, replied again by the lady. No choice, nothing much can do other than pay. Don't bother to think too much about it, just make it as charity. got out of the post office, start heading home... on the way home, will pass by Bunnings... why not go in and have a look around... bunnings is the biggest warehouse that sells almost everything, able to get things there to build a house from scratch... and they do sell plants too... anyway, just go in and have a loook.... one of my fav shopping to spend hours looking all those craps.... end up buying a set of spindle, got home, fix the hot water tap for the washing machine with the new spindle. hmm..the weather looks better now, no more rain by the look... why not patch my car, since i had the crack for sometimes already...start mixing the filler, patch here and there... wait, I think I heard something...listen carefully again... haha...My stomach is growling.....time for lunch... While eating my 2 packet of indo-mie, start thinking what I got for tomorrow, 2 job to be done tomorrow, extending a telephone line to another room, mowing lawns if time allows and the other one is fixing the reticulation system + spraying weed killer..they are not far from each other, but kinda far from me... haha...after lunch better go there have a look to see what is needed for tomorrow....hop into my car and out I go..... got to the second place first, ok, reticulation system... Ahha, this pipe broken, need a fix...oh well, will come back tomorrow with the parts.... then go to the next house... have a chat with the people, look around the phone line... ok...will be back tomorrow..... on my way home... Oooops....what's the size of the pipe... gosh....forgot to the the size.. I can't guess, they use all sorts of size, it seems like no standard... no 3rd choice, better go back and check for the size.... got the size... head to bunnings for parts.... wuhooo...... wonder around in the garden area... Wow..All year round fruiting Strawberry....hmm...sounds interesting...Na... it did makes me attemp to buy, but...aheemmm....hehe...will check it out first to make sure it produce damn sweet i got it, hokowase breed produces damn sweeeeeeeeet strawberry... hmm... I think I will try to grow them...yumyum....well...that's about doggy handy's man life.... not always, but sometimes forgot or missed something and will have to go back for a second time.... Well, what to do? next time make sure do not knock your head too much on the wall or floor... haha

Friday, September 03, 2004


Yes...yes....Its friday...Its friday...wuhooo...last day of ork in the weeek.... As usual, hop into working vehicle, take out the record cards and start flipping thru while counting the numbers and see what's the jobs the way, been working as lawn mower man for sometime already... 1....2....3......30......Oooops.....geeees.... we got more than 30 jobs to do again....well, not much choice...have to do or else will pile up to worst situation....on occasionally there will be one or two that need not to be done, but not always happen.... haha.... anyway, glad finish this weeks work.... now all I want is just a darn rest..... too tired, buggered, exhausted but loooks quite tan and sexy... haha
Oh yea... last weeek gone for Araluen Spring Festival, is a botanical garden, but they planted wish heaps of Tulips.... So I called it tulips garden rather than botanical garden.... anyway... toook quite many photos..... had uploaded them and share it... They are in 2 albums and the links can be found at: