Monday, May 28, 2007

they lived in 4th world country!!!

They should feel proud of us.
Without the browns, the white only knows orange, apple and pear, may be grapes!!!
They only know beer, fuck, beer, fuck... nothing else...
Try these, ask them what is Pamelo....they know Pamela Anderson but not Pamelo.
They are going backward technology, 20years behind the world yet they claim other lived in 3rd world country. They not even think of themselves they are living in the 4th world country.
Buying shits, rotten things from us which they claim as 3rd world country!
You pay $2 for 2 durian. They pay $2.50 a kilo of durian.
We pay $5 for a bunch of jack fruits, they pay $20/kg for a small fucking jackfruit size of a rockmelon, which got skin and stem, nothing else inside.
We pay $4 for 100pcs rambutan, they pay $1 for one rambutan. What is rambutan? a fruit full with red hair... size like your testicles covered with lots of hair! Oh, by the way, their rambutan is really like their testicles, because already turn brown with browny hair too!!!
We pay about $5/kg for fresh mangoesteen, they pay $20/kg for solid mangoesteen.
What we going to put into the bins(rotten), here they are selling as top grade fruit with a sign (VERY SWEET).
Vege? They only know carrot and broccoli... Pak Choy, Choy Sum never exist!!!
The list will go on and go on.
So in conclusion, felt very sad and sorry for them!!!

Thursday, May 03, 2007


Many people said, its not easy to do business in this boring dull city or so called Wild Australia (Perth). It is a fact, not to scare you off!
Heard a news today, also can be a joke. He said this during his speech, Macky can do it, KFC can do it, we Malaysia also can do it, one day, you will see puteri nasi kandar around the world. Less than 6 months, now is already gone....shut... even have garage sale to sell off the things. Yea rite, Malaysia Boleh!!! Boleh mempersiasuikan yourself. By the way, he is the PM of MY.
Story behind the scene, the business owned by PM bro... not sure if PM is part of it... Blardee dirty Politics!