Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Majaority or Minority

Do you agree with me that most people know what to do but not doing what they know?

Have anyone asked you this question or have you asked yourself about this question:

In this planet, there are 2 group of people, majority and minority.
So which part of the group do you want to be "Majority" or "Minority"?

What's in the majority
- no goals, unhealthy, depressed, lonely, poor

What's in the Minority
- Goals, healthy, happy, wealthy

3 components to be in Minority
- make decision. eg. I don't know how am I going to do it but I am still going to do it.
- Commitment - Do whatever it takes. The fortune is in the follow through. Do more what you are paid for.
- Investment. What ever you put in, your get out.
What you are investing now? Yourself!!! I Invent Me. What do you mean by that?
eg. personal developement, and it takes time. Time is the biggest Investment.

Be the person to do those things to have result.

In 100 people, work for 45 years.
After 45years, out of the 100 people, 97 people either dead or dead broke, 2 survive and 1 wealthy.

I have the thoughts to be in the minority. I am taking action now and will have the result to show that I am in minority. You can't have the thoughts to be in minority without action and have the result to be in minority.

Good luck to all of us.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Total Wellness

What is total wellness?

Many people do not take it as an issue during the study schooling season.
Everyone require a balance wellness to live happily.
The wellness are physical wellness, financial wellness, environmental wellness, personal wellness.

Physical wellness - live longer, healtheir lives
Financial wellness - Get out of debt and secure your financial future
Environmental Wellness - Make our homes and environment cleaner, safer places to live
Personal wellness - Achieve balance, freedon, and peace of mind in your personal and family life

So, do you realise about this?

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Golden Banana?

When banana fully ripe, it looks yellow which abit similar to gold.
Over here now most people are eating the so called Golden Banana.
There is a reason behind why I called them as Golden Banana.
Its bl@#dy AUD$16.00 per KG which is equal to approx RM45 per KG.
Damn less expensive hey....

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

IR laws

The new industry relations law, the boss can fire you with any reason and anytime and immediately, eg. I don't like your face. But you can just fire your boss anytime you want, or else you have to pay for 2 weeks of wages back.

great huh? So I end up didn't sign the agreement and work for them for 4 months and today I just walked off the job with immediate notice.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

The moment of Truth

It has been a while since the last time I update the blog. Eventually I have the mood to say something.
What do you know about the moment of truth?
Do you dare to face it? or just try to ignore it?
Have you ever asked yourself?

Nowadays many of us are educated and can be known as highly educated.
The more you know, the more truth you know and the more you face it? Sometimes not at all, but just ignore and keep going as usual.

Most people concern about health. They concern the food they swallow and the hygeine around them, but do not forget, what you uses also affect the health.
They read books about health and try to avoid the danger products. But somehow, sometimes we found out some ingredients are threat to our health and can be found in daily use products and yet we are still using it.
How are you going to explain that? Are you still concern of your health?