Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Missing in Action...

Guys...I will be missing in action for a little more than a week. Anyway, wish you all a Happy New Year and All the best!

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Merry Christmas

Would like to take this opportunity to wish all the the readers
Merrry Christmas
Happy New Year.
All the Best!!!

Pre-Christmas Eve....

Christmas is just round the corner. In the Europe country, Christmas Eve is a big day but not in Australia. Christmas Eve is still a working day, it's friday. Saturday, Chirstmas day. Sunday, Boxing Day and Monday Public Holiday. How to work out like that??? It is because Saturday is not count as working day, imagine how slacks over here, so Christmas day fall on Saturday and is a carried forward public holiday... Haha...Well, usually this such an big event is also everyone's worry on the road.... *Bang*...*Bang*...Accidents...So for this year, the government have it a long long long weekend double demerits points campain...Everyone just got 13points for 3 years... if you speed or road offence, then you will get double points taken off usual points...Not bad huh.. Shops blardee busy, everyone buy things like free...if you can't make up your mind either to take or not... sorry pal... it will gone in front of you in few seconds...hehe

Monday, December 20, 2004


Hmm..Its quick...started new job for a week already...keep me busy on the road... get to meet more people, see more places and know more places...Done more than 30 jobs in a week, that's not real bad... Chrissy is coming, so do we are getting more busy as usual. Tips tips tips...Some rich people are just tight in their arse, live in a few million dollars house but not giving any tips, which cause us sometimes tense to slam the door and slam the boot hard instead of shut them nicely. And also will put a note on them and pass the info to our mate... Haha, sounds cruel? I don't think so. If you got few large heavy luggages, we carry for you all the way from once you are out of the customs area, put in the boot and when arrive, take it out of the car and take it to your door steps. SO, what's wrong with not giving tips? well, some are real goood and really unexpected. Got a last minute call out job few days back, all I have to do were just pick him from the Hyatt Regency Hotel, take him to his meeting place that was about 10km away. Waited for him at his meeting place for about 2 1/2hrs, take him back to the hotel. All I do were just drive nicely, open, close the door for him and I get a blardee $100 tips... That was the largest tips I ever got...Well, not to compare. Just for goodness sake, be a human rather than a cunt. Give at least $5 or $10 tips to the person if you have a damn bloody many few heavy bags and they help you to pick up. We will appreciate that else just let the person know you going pick them up yourself. Do not call the person who driving "Driver", call them sir, please...
That's whats happening in the past week....

Friday, December 17, 2004

Cow sense...

Since started my new job, came across all sorts, all kinds of "RICH" people. Most of them travelling with Emirates Airline in either business or first class. I was told, not much difference between business and first class, only the price is difference and you get extra 2 drinks in first class. Anyway, who cares... So most of you might think they could be someone that is intelligent, rich and with goood manner. Everything goes in two ways, you polite and good to them, they will good to you too and most of the time works out right.
Yesterday I came across one job which is stupid and I would say is brainless! The story starts here. On my job sheet wrote:
Pickup time: 2000hrs, Drop off: 2100hrs, Mr Doe Johnnie, Passenger: 1, Pickup: his home, Drop off: Perth International Airport (Emirates)
I got there at 1955hrs, was told he is not ready and if possible to wait for 5-10mins. Ok, I don't mind to wait as that's my last job for the day. *Tick Tock Tick Tock...* Time 2015hrs Mr Doe came out and said just have to wait for another few mins for the gals....WTF??? gals? what to do with them?Hmm, may be we should put the luggage into the car first. So proceed into the house to grab the luggage... DAMN...WTF...BH....6 Big luggages, 4 small luggages. Use brain, how to put into the damn sedan??? To confirm again with him, how many person is booked for the airport transfer? Answered 4. Heading to...holiday? Answered, NO! going to work! Alright, we got a damn blardee problem, decided to call back to the base on 2 way radio....*bla bla bla bla* They have no other choice other than wait for another car to be sent over for the access luggages and passenger. 2 car boot and front seat is fully loaded, so you can imagine how much of luggage they got. By they way, both car is Mercedes 320 series! Got them to the airport in time and went back to the base. I were told that Emirates said Mr Doe only book for 1 sedan and only inform them only 1 person is travelling, that's the reason they only send one car there. It looks like they have no blardee cow sense when he himself know he and his family is travelling, and got blardee 6 HUGE luggages and 4 small luggages and the whole lot will not fit into one car!!! For goodness sake, even if he use his own car, too will not fit in at all, he need at least 2 car or a trailer to put all those luggages. Everything have to inform the Airlines to arrange a proper vehicle and yet not expect the airlines know how many person is travelling with, how many jumbo luggages you got...If the airlines know all those details without being told, then start complaining about privacy fraud.... Come on... It is damn useless if you do not have any cow sense no matter you are damn F***king rich, clever or whatever. You know where you going, how many luggage you can put into one car... you are not travelling in a Truck for airport transfer!

Friday, December 10, 2004


Today was my first day of work as a chauffeur. Dressed up in the monkey suit, fully formal - coat, long sleeves, tie, black pants and black shoes. Drive the damn V8 big cars. Running around back and to the Airport. Hmmm... if have the chance, will prefer Emirates Airlines business or first class as they including Limousine Airport transfer... Haha.....anyway, is quite enjoying...
*yawn* better stop here and go to bed now...

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Things happened quick....

While working today... is so damn hot....doctor freo is not here, referring to the west sea breeze. My mind just can't blardee concentrate... Then told to myself, today go home, if check the mail box and yet have not receive the endorsement letter, for the first thing tomorrow, I will go to the licensing office to enquiry about it.
So it happens when I got home, straight to the mailbox and a lot of few mails... one Big one.... the other small ones.... ahha....Sure I get it....but sometimes is not lucky as it written you fail the assessment.... so better be quick...open it before get into the house.... woohoooo..... yes....yay....approved!!! then check the other big one...Hmmm... not sure where it from....got my name....Hmmmm...Ummm....is a DEFCOM discount card. DEFCOM is only eligible to all those defence forces or National services People... and They consider me as one of them due to I'm one of the Amateur Radio members... sounds cool....so looks like encourage me to shop more to get 10% off at all time...
It just all happen in at once.....

Sunday, December 05, 2004


I remembered at one stage, everyone seems crazy with wines especially red wines. Do those people is really enjoying the wines or just pretend and to show off "I also follow the trend now, drinking wine!" yay, wines are goood for health, improve your blood circulation, works instantly compare to ginseng. 1 or 2 glass of wine is good for health, but the problem is try to finish the bottle of wine once open as the wine been oxidise and is not really goood to keep and try not to keep. As a result is 1 bottle or 2 big glass of wine improves heart pumping, bloood circulation, brain relaxing and the most important is make you sleep well!

Have you ever taste wines before?
What sort of impression do you got about wines?
You like it or putting a full stop to wines?
If there is free wine tasting by proper person (Not half pail water person) at one of the Cellar outlet at the shopping mall, would you willing to try?
What sort of flavour you prefer - sweet, red/white, dry, fruity, full red, oaked, unoaked?
If given you the $$$ and ask you to get one bottle of wine from the shop, is it the way you going to buy the wine will be judging the price, then the bottle label design, and the way the promoter trying to promote and also sort of lucky draw.
Remember, doesn't mean the more expensive wine the better. It depends on what sort of flavour you like, what type you like prefer. ^_^


After been stop drinking for a few months....eventually drink to get pissed or be pissed head again. Yesterday had a few drinks in a day. Make my way down south to get a couple bottles of wines. Yup, just a couple bottles (couple bottles + couple bottles = a few bottles). I think would be able to add up 1-2 glass of wines at my favourite cellars. Then got to my godsis's place. Her dog is so excited when see me and he almost try to jump into the car from driver side window... Later in the evening gone to a BBQ.... had a few cans of beer... yup again... just a few cans... 3 cans only... then head of for dinner and had 2 glass of Sangiovese red wine by Zilzie.
Anyway, we had traditional hand made pasta as dinner. After dinner, 3 of us got abit pissed. Due to I'm the only person that drink the least, and I have to drive home... not far... just about 25km away... ..we got home safe.... ^_^
Drink to get Pissed! Alternatively to improve body blood circulation. Haha

Friday, December 03, 2004

Crazy Crazy person!!!

Me crazy? something like that...decided tomorrow (Saturday) sneak out of this so called "Busy City"...To me is sort of already busy. Then how will consider as somewhere not busy??? A place that having trouble to get a mobile phone access! Whatever... Tomorrow decided to head down to South West again where my godsister live. Actually the main purpose is to get down there and get a few bottles of wine...yea... when I say a few bottles usually means more than 3 and less then 12 bottles.... Well... will drive 350KM all the way to get those wines... sounds stupid, but have no choice, only sells there, can't get it from the Liquor shop here... Next time you are here, you should try, then you will know what do I mean by they are too good and will be too expensive to sell in liquor shop! Wahahahaha.... Gila!!!

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Where is it???

Where the heck in the mail??? Been waiting, and waiting, looking daily in the mail box, still nothing come thru.... Where is the approval??? arggghhhh.....no choice other than wait...