Thursday, June 30, 2005

Malaysia Post - Part II

The design at Pos Malaysia is about the same no matter how flash they look. Chest height counter, top section seperated either by thick glass or grilled. We understand is for safety purpose. I'm not sure did anyone actually send big parcels before.
Went there, took parcel in.
Me: Ask staff, macam mana hantar parcel itu?
Staff: angkat kasi terus tingkap sana.
Me: look at the window...WTF??!!! small window, chest height. parcel 18kg. staff is small body build lady. Ehh, kak, ada pintu kasi masuk?
Staff: tak boleh, kena angkat kasi tingkap sana. Apasai?
Me: parcel berat la, 18KG, you boleh?
Staff: kenapa berat sangat and besar?
Me: tak berat, buku pos malaysia cakap maximum 20kg, size 1 Cubic Meter... iaitu 1m X1m X 1m...wa ni 1/4 size 1 cubic meter saja...
Staff: itu kotak tak boleh pakai, kena pakai kotak Pos Malaysia!

She tried to put me off by saying has to use pos malaysia parcel box which is far way too small and not even can squize a baby inside.

Me: tak boleh? wahh, you mahu challenge ibu pejabat pos cakap tak boleh ar? I sudah telepon dia orang, cakap Kotak coklat boleh pakai jika tak ada apa-apa printing. saya itu alamat saja pun tak boleh. tak tulis alamat macam mana hantar? you panggil you punya boss keluar.
posboss: your parcel is too big sir and the box cannot use, have to use our box.
Me: I don't think so, I had already asked the head pos office and the book says up to 20kg each parcel, maximum 1 cubic meter, must be tied and brown carton boxes can be use if there is no irrelevant printing other than address or else need to wrap it up. So! now you telling me cannot?

posboss, ok, bring it over......
i took the parcel, squize thru the small window, she take it and almost fall to the ground.
posboss: you cannot tie the rope like that, has to be cross tie....
The way i tie is two side and one across, so is comfortable to lift up by two hands holding both strap. I do it this way is to think of other people...
posboss just complain and complain saying the posman cannot lift up that way, how can you expect posman use two hand... they only use one hand to move it around....

WTF???!!! When lift heavy things, use both hands and is health and safety issue! I thought they use trolley to cart heavy parcel for good sake! next time no more going to small pos office.... will straight to cargo pos office for parcel! If you can't do it, just put a sign at the front door, We do not accept parcel! only letter no more than 2kg due to our staff cannot handle its weight.
Because we can read but not you, at least we will avoid going to your pos office and make noise.
Shame on you POS MALAYSIA.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

MARTS website

After almost 3 years, MARTS website is now back into shapes and under the transition of changing image. So the name is also changing from Mana Ada Radio Transmitters' System to Malaysia Amateur Radio Transmitters' Society. The website used to be disgusting, asking all the Hams and Bacons to stay tuned each time they visit the site till everyone give up. All contents is so much outdated.

Today was informed the site has been renovated and still under renovation. Now it looks with new face and which shows the warmth of MARTS around the world. Believe me, you will feel comfortable browing the website compare to the old haunted website.
Have a look:
Keep it up the good job....

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Malaysia Post

What sort of impression you have about Malaysia Post? As living in a small penang state, the post office used to be terrible, the air is so stuffy inside, not cycled, ceiling fan turning slowly... Foooh....terrible place....
Not until they upgrade to air-conditioned. Now at least better, but the service I can tell you is SUX. Misuse the words also. On last trip back to hometown for some training, and I required to send parcels. I need to get the price for the sea shipping and air shipping... Gone to the post office, as usual trend, the Q is terrible long that need to wait at least 15mins till your turn... WTF??!!! So try to hunt for brochure or any poster stating the luck.....
then saw one corner with a office table and one lady sitting there reading newspaper... Ohh... pay to read newspaper during office hours... good huh.... on the table with a sign saying service counter... so sounds like is enquiry counter too... So head there and ask for info.... feedback I got is "kena tanya kounter sana"... bukan sini... then she continue read her paper.... WTF!!!??? service counter not for asking info... hahahaha....need to Q for over 15mins just for the pricing... yea rite.... so what to do... Jump Q.....

Great Service!

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Road Safety - seat belt!

As a vehicle operator, I mean driver. I don't like to use the word driver.... sounds like screw driver, so refer as vehicle operator.
We know basic road safety like fasten your seat belts so will not smash yourself into the windscreen but break your ribs during a crash so that so you will still survive.

Or turn on your headlights on freeway/highway or during raining (don't care heavy rain or drizzling) to let incoming traffic to know your vehicle is visible. Reason to turn on headlights on freeway during day time is because road are flat...sometimes is abit hard to see incoming traffic due to the road surface reflections and is abit hard to judge moving objects, with the lights, at least show some visibility.

Most western country has a very strict rules on child seat or child bucket seat where you straps them to a specially made seat and make sure they don't bounce in the car every corner when you do a sharp turn. They are really good. I had personally seen an accident of one car and one Land Cruiser 4x4. Land cruiser is over turn turtle in the middle of the road... 2 baby twins at the back... for good sake, the baby still fasten strap to the child bucket seat unhurt even the car over turn turtle. so is worth the money.

Kids below 9 (something like that, but i know is "old") are not allow to sit at front seat if really follow the road rules as they are not fully protected by the seat belt due to their body size.. darn.

All those rules are simple common sense... but one another rules I was taught one of my client.
No matter what age, big small, he or she, you like it or not, enforced rules or not, but if you are in the car, is your rules and the person has to obey or take own responsibility. the person sitting in the middle of the back seat has to buckle up at all time when the vehicle is moving. Back sides passengers have the option not to buckle up but is recommended to do so. The reason is, for the safety, as we don't really know when is going to crash which everyone is trying not to. if the person is buckle up, at least he or she will not fly out thru the front windscreen like a catapult if any crash occur which will save his/her fromm killing ownself. This is not a joke and is true. ^_^

guys. gals.This is your captain speaking, if you are sitting at the middle of the back seat, you got no choice and required to buckle your seat belt at all time even the seat belt lights has been turn off unless the engine has been turn off. hahaha


Proton launched the new model lately. Proton Savvy, but it sounds more like proton salvage. Misleading advertisement - it can handle the double the impact of the car size. So everyone in that salvage car can drive faster and more safe. Side view is abit other brands' car, but the worst part is it only fitted with 1.2ltr engine...'s so powerful man.... only 1.2ltr..., so they expect you can't go fast and able to handle the impact.... Just very curious, why the proton did not think of releasing the Proton Pert to the market??? Don't they think it will be more safety and also see even much better than other models... Although Pert is a modified version of Waja, but even you throw one 2litre engine into a waja you still don't get a Pert, beacuse you still missing the AWD of pert.

Engine:Model 4G63 Type 4 Cylinders, 16-valveDOHC - Intercooled twinscroll turbocharger(Post Combustion Control System)
Fuel System ECI Multi - Injection Bore x Stroke 85.0 mm x 88.0mm
Displacement 1,997 cc
Max. Output 217 kW / 295 ps / 6,000 rpm
Max. Torque 539 Nm / 55 Kgm / 3,500 rpm
Clutch: Single Plate Dry Clutch
Transmission:5 speed Manual
4 WD System: Passive Control Transfer Unit
Front Diff: Passive Control Locking System
Rear Diff: Passive Control Locking System
Suspension: Front : Independent - MacPherson Strut with coil spring
Suspension: Rear : Independent multi -link with coil spring
Damper: PROFLEX with adjustable system
Steering: Power assisted rack & pinion
Brake: Front : Ventilated discs with 4 -pot calipers
Rear: Ventilated discs with 4 - pot calipers
Tyre: Falken
Wheel: BSA 219 Vacuum Sputtering Coating (VSC)

At least able like remove the turbo and have the AWD function and sell it on the market.... sure will sell better than other model such as the proton salvage!

Monday, June 13, 2005


Emergency = Kecemasan
Stopping = ??? Don't worry, just leave out, our people know about that.
Lane = Lorong.
Only = Sahaja

You might often see these words on the PLUS Highway in Malaysia, big red sign with white writing "Lorang Kecemasan Sahaja". So, what does it mean? Very simple, it means Emergency Lane Only. Then what is that for? when traffic jam, use that for emergency to overtake the jams? must be... or other people travelling at 110km/h, and allow travel more than 110km/h because is almost late for the bus? Encik, cepat.... saya sakit perut...kecemasan nak ke tandas kat perhentian 30km away.... like that?

As I landed in the Wild Ass place... they call it freeway instead of highway. Then I saw something looks similar, a big sign by the freeway. White sign with black writing beside the freeway with a red colour lane. It says, Emergency Stopping Lane Only. Ahha... this one looks much better.....

Ahduh....for the good sake, if wanted to learn from other people, pls la... learn it in the correct way, Don't try to be smart arse by dropping a few words in between which cause alot of meaning changes. By putting up Lorong Kecemasan Sahaja might cause serious accident while Emergency Stopping Lane Only will safe lifes.

I think they should change it to "Lorong berhenti Kecemasan Sahaja" to prevent misuse due to misleading sign!