Friday, March 30, 2007

What's going on~

It has been awhile since I update this blog.
So, what's been happening? been busy digging for money to live.
No money no talk.... sound true. Anyway, everyone the same, work work work, eat, sleep, then wake up. Its another day to work. Job is very important because all of us are Just Over Broke, that's how the word job come from. Just moved into a shop to run the business. Been struggling for the business by work from home. Sometimes, many people think by running a business from home is good in the sense of saving overheads. But please note that it depends on what sort of business. for my case which works out not as good. Business is slowly picking up. Can't complain.
Sometimes just for fun to filled up my time, I made paper creature. Had done a few Manekineko, which is my favourite. Want to know what's that? will post some pics later. or you can go find the answer by yourself at gooogle.


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