Saturday, August 20, 2005

How's my car? Posted by Picasa

Friday, August 12, 2005


Negaraku Tanah tumpahnya jerebu
Rakyat hidup sesak dan layu
Rahmat bahgia, penjual topeng muka
Raja kita kena pakai juga
Rahmat bahgia, penjual topeng muka
Raja kita kena pakai juga!

Tuesday, August 09, 2005


He runs his own webserver. This webserver need to pay this and that. That free webserver is free, but don't feel comfortable to upload like 20MB of info, just feel guilty. Anyway, just gossiping with my best pal, he reminds me the no-ip service available on internet.
After thinking a few mins, I decided to give another try. What I mean by another try is, as I remember I did register at that website but didn't utilise the service as during that time, my website just a few hundred kilo bytes and did not realise it is growing huge now. So no harm to try, and I did install the IIS not ISS service into my XP Pro edition. After reboot, nothing happen and even it says my computer is not running IIS. Find info about IIS and still no go. Spend few hours and still no luck. Decided to uninstall it and give up. After perform the uninstallation and reboot. I give another try by install the IIS again. This time it works. all is up and running, not sure what is what.
Then now is try to make a URL and try it. oh gosh.... all I get is my router log in window. Weirdo. Realise I need to do port forwarding. But after perform the port forwarding, still no luck. Wasted my whole day sitting in front of this dumb screen with nothing. Give up.
This morning, decided to try it again before my router gets busy as there are 3 person sharing the line including me. Router rebooted. Disabled WAN access on router and still perform the port forwading for my webserver. I tested it works, but not from another computer. After checking a few things on security in my IIS,realise the annonymous has been disabled, after enable that and it works. Asked a few friends to try it and claim that it works. Yippeee... will try it to update my webpage to full performance. If times allow, might even redo the face. hihi
So now I can have my own webserver, host my own picture, even run my own forum. will see what others say about it.