Friday, October 21, 2005

Perth Royal Show - part 2

Ok guys...just now that was inside the pavillion. Now this is part of it how it looks like at outside.

Perth Royal Show

Ok...This is what my booth looks like at the so called Perth Royal show. Its one of the grand program over in Western Australia. You get to see sorts of things from animal to household products to kids toys. You name it, they might not have it. Its a very good exposure to the public for your products because such a mass of people come to visit the place. You will have no clue who you are dealing with. We were there 8 days from 8:30am - 9pm. As for the boss, they work from 6:30am - 2am next day before goes to bed... Anyway, worth the time for the investment. That's our helper for the continuos 8 days too, we did have lots of fun and that's the hat we have to put on for the 8days at the show. Looks great?
Gambahteh... Thanks for visiting us at Perth Royal Show 2005 and will again at Perth Royal Show 2006. ^_^

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Drinking is bad for health, don't drink over limit, but a little amount is good for health.
Smoking is bad for health, don't try smoking, but one once a while is good for socializing.
Smoke is OK, grass or bong is not good at all, neither suitable for socializing.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

PCB - part 2

Hey guys...the photos is how the board looks like after being etched. Even component side you can print it too..... looks great.

You even able to print component side in a pro way. Enjoy.

Printed Circuit Board - part 1

Hmmm...ever thought of print your own circuit board?
Yes I did think of it before. Used to draw and etch out simple board. Always wondered how the heck to print a professionally printed circuit board. Althought in the market you can find the light sensitive spay type, press n peel, iron on, draw and bla bla bla...
At last, came across this good website with great instructions. This few days, the sentence "Heat Transfer" been going round and round in my mind and realise many things uses heat transfer technique for its process. Today, decided to give a try on this technique on our PCB.
before I etch, it looks like this.... what about after? don't know yet... LOL... will be continue...