Saturday, March 26, 2005

Good or bad news??? today finish work, the boss asked me not to come back after 31st of March...
Ohhh...*speaking to myself* oh yea, as you wish.
So is it a good news or a bad news when your boss tell you not to come back?
Well, although will be tough for few weeks as I assuming, but to me is sort of good news because I can tell him stick his own ass.

Where's the egg?

Where's my easter bunny's egg? Where's the easter bunny? where did the bunny gone?

Friday, March 25, 2005

Happy Easter

Wish everyone have a good Easter!

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Please Help...

Take a few minutes of your time and please help to sign the petition. No matter where you are, who you are, one more signature makes the different.
We want to make out our voices to stop the government from dumping the World Class Event!!!
If the event is being dumped, the World Rally Championship will be getting more boring ever!
Please help~

Your help is much appreciated. Please spread the words around the world to all people.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Where's the bin???

Usually people approach you at places are like, excuse me, can I know where's the toilet?
or Do you know the way to Sg Longkang? or like do you where is the airport?
But if you work at Perth International Airport... People might come to you and ask Can I know where is the rubbish bin or where do I throw them?
Due to the security reason, all rubbish bin had been removed. Rubbish bin is categories as one of the Bomb threat device. People might throw or litter some bomb waste to the bin and it explode and make the places around more messy with all the rubbish. Someone might throw a half fill coffee bomb into the bin, when it explode, all the left over coffee splatter all around the placed which cause too much hassle.
As you walk into the arrival hall, you see about 30 cops standing in a circle and avoid people get close to the middle or walking pass by while waiting for the bomb squad to arrive. Curious whats in the middle. Someone left the luggage behind. But unfortunately a small baby kid walk walk run run around and gone thru in between and walk pass the luggage??? What's going on there? Suspected BOMB.... but how come no evacuation? What if someone yell out for your life!!!! Geees.... I don think they can cope with the impact... So to reduce the risk, they decided to remove all the bins along the airport. and rubbish lying on the ground everywhere. So if you wonder where all the bins gone, don't panic, is for your safety reason.

MAS at Perth International Airport

This is one of the sign can be seen in Perth International Airport. Hey guys....What's going on with the sign??? Looks like their english Sux too!
Read every single word and you will find out where goes wrong! Beyond or Beyong?

Monday, March 21, 2005

Perth International Airport...

As you drive heading to the Perth International Airport departure drop-off zone, there is a big huge sign says Australian Major Airport of the year 2003 & 2004. So what's your impression of the airport upon arrival???
Must be huge airport? Lots of shops? With nice lightings?
Clean? Well organised.
Hmmm....then I tell you how..... you will not get wet if is raining when you catch a taxi, but you will get wet if you are a VIP catching limousines. Why??? It is because the way they design the airport drive way without including limousines service and which it means limousines doesn't exist in the past! Hop into the taxi, the taxi man will tell you that you have to pay for the parking which is about $2.
Trolley for the luggage is free when arrival but have to pay $3 BUCKS on departure if you need it else DON USE TROLLEY!
You might feel abit warmer than outside eventhough is summer out there, air-cond is under power at all time. Lighting is abit dim inside at all time because they do not encourage people reads while waiting, lights off, keep the rest as spare!
Parking at the airport is a ripped off. under the sun, rain, dust and first 30mins cost ya $3.30 and easily will cost you $5.50 for the parking each time.
Do not expect for a rubbish bin for easy access. This is a binless airport due to security reason. so just throw where ever you like or pass it to the cops, they are helpful to tourist. Why binless??? will talk about it in next blog.
So what do you think about the airport??? "Major" airport of the year.... so how will it be for other minor airport???

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Just a matter of time....

When shortage of worker, everyone's work load is abit increase but still got some of them has a light day.... WELL...feel damn bad moood... Had a argument with the big arse boss. Is it too much to ask for a slow day after been driving on the road for 16hrs and only had 5hrs break and back to the road??? Is it too much? Well, I guess is just a matter of time will I say to the him, get someone else to do it, I'm out!!!

Sunday, March 13, 2005

5 Stars Hotel???

What's the meaning by 5 stars hotel? What's your impression on the hotel?
Is it when you arrive at the hotel, the concierge come and open the door for you, help you take your luggages to your room and etc...? Grand looking with polished floors, smiling chicks at the receptions waiting for your check in and good comfortable on breathing in the hotel?
Ya, I would say a hotel that makes you feel grand.... So usually 5 stars hotel do have a branch in every single big town in the world.
Today I need to go to pickup a middle aged couple, sounds like they are pommy. Whatever. Hotel lounge with comfortable sofas and some coffee table which coffee will be served if required. By the way, the hotel I'm talking about is Perth Hyatt Regency Hotel.
As I step in, very damn blooody strong aroma (not Coffee) of Cigar and cigratte filled the Whole hotel lounge till top floor, i would say. The entire hotel is closed up, no top window except the sliding glass door open and close while people walks in and out. One old lady sitting there puffing out clouds into the air while the other old man puffing out heavy unfiltered strong aroma polluted toxic cigar gas. So what's your impression of this 5 star hotel??? During office hours no smoking and after hours will be smoking zone, makes no difference as hotel works 24hrs a day and which means also consider as office hours yet people is still smoking there. Goood huh.... so next time before make any booking, just ask the reception is the hotel 100% no smoking zone in door or allow to smoke after hours???
Goood image! Client/customer always right, in the other hand means you still can smoke under the "No Smoking" sign. It only say No Smoking but did not mention where. Terrible.... 5 stars straight drop to 0.5 stars hotel.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Frustrated with the traffic lights...

If you have been here for sometimes, been driving around alot, usually always have a clue which route to take at what time. Today is the second time using the route which really pissed me off, although the street is fitted with many traffic lights, but during other times, mostly just cruising along without hitting any red lights. Even do, also just one or two. But I realise at that time about 8:45pm, the chances to hit all red is 99%. you move less than 500m, stop. move again and stop...geees... it goes all the way about 3km. All total 10 sets of traffic lights including pedestrain lights... Damn... really make me frustrated..... I swear I will use alternate route in future even though is slightly abit far.

Thursday, March 03, 2005


MARTS AGM - Must Always Really Terrible Sucks, All Gone Mad. (Modified Version)
Although it suppose to be Malaysia Amateur Radio Transmitters' Society, Annual General Meeting. (Original Version)

Years and years gone, the so called AGM is also getting worst and worst. Just imagine a scientist is just keep re-inventing the damn wooden wheel. Every members got their own story. So do I got many stories of it too. I was told this years was fun till someone almost got whack in the meeting... Geees... next year get ready with the parang and kuali and need some guards standby. Bad Bad....Even at last of the meeting, some fellas even shouted I love MARTS!!! so I assume is refer to the modified version.

So up till today, I had decided and made my last decision. Since my request been "REJECTED" after offering helps, I decided to resign as member after my membership expired. I do not see any benefits from joining the society.... I would rather to save the membership fees to buy friends a big meal once a year. ^_^
Good luck to those council members.


Yeeehaw..... Guys...I'm back from..errrr....holidays....back to work.... Geees.... had been working like crazy since I got back to Perth on the 19th Feb. In fact I arrived at 0040hrs of 19th Feb and started to work at 1600hrs of 19th Feb....Till today I still waiting to get one off been tired which end up moodless to blog.... But, now am back!!!