Saturday, January 29, 2005

Dumb driver or bird???

As I cruising down the road at 70km/h, is a 3 lane roads, so is 6 lane all together on both side. is at about 7:45pm.... cruising slowly, is quite dark, so all cars with headlight ON. Paying attention on the road, suddenly saw something small moving from far left. As I get closer, and is too late, one of the bird is gliding crossing the roads. what the.... and I think it did not manage to react fast enough, it hit the top of my car windscreen as it trying to pull up.... Don have a chance to see if it been hit and swing away or the flying action just suddenly went tripped over and make a few rolling before resume the flying or land on the grass....
Whose fault??? Bird or driver?

Monday, January 24, 2005

Behavior comments...

Once upon a time where there's still no voice conferencing mode and the when the community is still small, wireless is one of the daily routine among the group of people around the island. Years and years gone, the community grew bigger and bigger. More new people occupy the frequency. To cover the wireless communication coverage for the whole island (90%), repeater is being used to serve the purpose. The repeater been use for relaying chatter boxes, emergency relaying and seasons greetings and of course radio coverage checking every weekend.
At one year, without any reason, the old parrot (repeater) is being swap by the main society based in the capital with a unknown Kent Wood, which is also one of the giant brand in wireless communication in portables but not in commercial parrots. Anyway, the old motor rolax being swapped. From day one, all people start to complain about the annoyed new parrot's behavior. As we know, one of the human nature, slowly will adapt to the environment and will forget all about the winging. As most people is travelling within the Zone 1 (with in 10km) coverage which is not reall affected with the propagation.
One upon a time again after the new woody parrot serve the islander, one jungle boy in zone 2 start to make noise complaining the parrot is not well and sounds weirdo. Instead of being good to inform the people in charge, the feedback was the parrot up there is healthy and you (jungle boy) please check your setup (Poor setup) and very sure is your station problem, sounds very stubborn. From the day on, the islander hardly hear voice from the jungle boy due to the "unfriendly, stubborn, idiot, no manners behavior." Jungle boy decided will never ever again be active on the air waving to the islander like nuts due to having "damn" poor setup, will also hardly want to give out any useful jungle bush tucker recipe which seems to be rubbish according to the islander.

As "damn" poor setup is refering to using commercial base antenna mounted on the 22 century 20ft tall coconut tree (no more leaves) which all the leaves being fried by the 60watts of radiotion produce by the antenna and using Imported low loss coaxial ropes RG213 breed. The coconut tree is planted about 30ft-35ft above sea level.

Question: For VHF communication, the higher the antenna, the better reception?
Answer: BULLSHIT!!! Been proven here as islander insist is jungle boy having poor setup.

Been reading the electronic mail for the past few days, one new islander commenting saying the parrot up there is not working at certain time. Wonder why no one tell him the parrot is working fine and please check your setup and make sure is having good setup. Instead saying the parrot is due for a shower. So please be kind, tell them to check the setup before asking silly question, the parrot is being hired and paid to work 24hrs, 7 days, mon-sun. Well, the jungle boy is already out of it, will be back again only after if he manage to catch one parrot in the jungle and taught him to talk.

Some of you might know what is this article is commenting about. If not, just ignore it.

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Day Off

Got myself a day off from work since been working for the past 2 weeks. Ahhh....Hmmm....not sure what going to do tomorrow........

Friday, January 21, 2005


I was told this real jokes that happened in canada.

One afternoon in the weekend, the freeway was jammed with very slow moving vehicle from bumper to bumper. At that time, there was no reason to have a traffic jam as was not peak hours nor public holidays nor any road works commenced. Anyway the situation caught the police attention and with the siren yelling on the road, the police found out the source of the cause. There's a car travelling about 30km/h on the freeway!!! Eventually the car was pulled over and the traffic start to ease again slowly.

The police walk to the car and knocked on the window. The driver is a "chinese" woman at about middle age.
The police said " Can I have your driving license?"
The woman " No English, No english ***pretend don't understand and looks confused*** (although able to understand english)"
The police speak slowly " Can I have your driving license"
The woman slowly look thru her purse, dig dig dig, flip flip and finally take the driving license and pass it to the police.
Police looked at the driving license and said to her "This is your daughter's license, not yours!"
The woman " Is family license... family license"
The police is abit confused and said there's no such thing called family license.
Now you have to get down the car and I have to take you back to the police station.
Without any other choice, she had to follow the instruction to get off the car. After she got off the car, the police discovered something interesting.

The accelerator in the car is painted with green and the brake is painted with red.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Man made Bushfire....

As the fire keep burining for the last 4 days, creating man-made clouds, smells horrible. This morning as usual, got up, get ready to work. As just before I open my car door, realise there's a layer of ashes. What the.... Yes. It is the burning ashes, then look around me, damn, you actually can see the ashes falling down everywhere from the sky. As driving to work, darn.... I would say is less than 1km visibility on the road... what a shame. I would reckon is the worst condition ever for perth in the decade. Smokey, ashes everywhere. One arsonist set up the fire in the bush about 30km away from perth. It had been burning down for almost half of the forrest and they still fighting on it. Still no under control... So for the sake, if the arsonist is caught, he should be hang to death and have one head shot after that. No chance should given. C'mon, Australian are too kind. I think they rather to keep that arsonist and feed him for nothing and let him off in the future and do the samething again. So that able to keep the firemen busy. Shame on you Australian!!!

One thing good about this place is, usually will get sea breeze coming in in the afternoon. So happen today, it blows away the haze and the sky at the metropolitian area is clear again with some stinky smoke smells.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005


Hmmm.... Been felt abit weird, strange or blardee abnormal. What's wrong with me? Do nothing and get hungry? Then what about do something then get starving? may be....
Not sure what's went wrong or which wire cross path each other. Had been salvaging foood since I got back from work at 1930hrs. Finished a lot of pasta bolognase which is for one serve (large size). Then 10 cubes of the dark chocolate. 1 litre of water. Hmmm...still feel empty, so decided to cook a packet of instant noodle with added one chook egg. And yet my brain still did not receive the signal from my stomach saying is full. Still feel like something is missing... Geees.....gonna go seems like the whole body is abit stress by look back at the reaction..... eat eat eat eat eat eat.... hmmm.... mayb should have couple of scotch to make myself calm down... Although I don't feel the stress, but I think it start to build up and by the time I feel it, it could be already serious stress. Any one to join me? Scotch Whiskey?

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Strange person...

Last nite received a job to pickup the Russian Air Crew from the Air Force base about 60km away from Perth City. Anyway, I have not been there before so have to ask for direction from the boss. The boss sat down with me and tell me how to get there.. Fine. Bla bla bla bla.
Boss: "Ok, any question? understand?"
Me: "100% acknowledge and shouldn't be problem to get there. Don't worry, mate."
and the boss start shaking his head. As you guys know, when someone giving you instructions, then you said 100% acknowledge, instead the person say goood, but shaking the head. The first thing come to your mind is, Ooops, what's going wrong??? and you are in the mist of question marks... So do I. I asked boss "What's going wrong?"
Boss "nothing wrong, just felt you are very strange as I only tell you once and you already acknowledge. Some people just have to tell them many times before they understand."
Me :" Well, I know where am I going and What am I doing. And I'm well trained as I have to due to been working for the off-road Rally in the bush."
alright....better go home and have a rest before continue back to work at 12am later....

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Crashed due failure pulling up....

This morning while driving down the street with my client (Singapore Airline Pilot), cruising smoothly on the riverside drive heading to the Perth International Airport. From distance able to notice there's flock of white cockatoo. I think should have at least 30 of them flying in very low altitude. I tried to slow down the car by constantly tapping the break, getting closer and closer.... Shitz.... Hasn't finish crossing, still have about 10 of them. Some of them might had noticed the incoming monster and they do tried to pull up as fast as they can while they are gliding down crossing the road.Pulll Pull Pulll.... I got no choice but try to slow down....You can hear one "Clump" sound when pass by the flock of parrots... Sounds like hit one of them which did not put much effort to pull up. Well too bad, never fly across the road is a slow speed. If I did not slow down, I might had hit more 1 and could be half of them.

Friday, January 14, 2005

What are cops/police for???

Meaning from - The governmental department charged with the regulation and control of the affairs of a community, now chiefly the department established to maintain order, enforce the law, and prevent and detect crime.

But in the real life, some applies and some not. What is applied is maintain order and enforce the law like make sure vehicle do not over speed on road, no jay walkers on the street and so on. Prevent and detect crime is a bullshit, should be encourage crime. They only after the good people, why? It is because the good people will contribute some funds into their community so that they will get paid by end of the month. If they catch the bad person, they are wasting their time, yet have to feed them if they throw them behind the bars.

Why it is said so???
You do speed, you get boooked.
You cross the road without waiting for the pedestrain lights turn green and get caught, you get booked.
You cycle without helmet, you get booked.
You pay your car registration fees, they stop you and check thoroughly to make sure your car is registered and no illegal modification, if found a little leak on your car engine, you get booked.
If your car got break in, make a report. The feedback you will get is, next time don't leave valuable things behind, remember to lock your car or don't park there. Sorry sir, we can't do much about it other than you ring your insurance agent to claim the lost.
If your home for break in, make a report. The same feedback will get is "Please" remember to lock your door day or nite or at all time. Sorry we can't do much, they might get some crew to your place and waste sometime to pretend to get fingerprints...then the result or answer you will get is.... again, sorry sir, not able to trace any fingerprints.
So in conclusion, what do ya think? bad people do anything, they can be help.... so better to catch good people yet can contribute some funds in their community.
Even if they got the fingerprints, where the heck they able to know who did it? Does the world DNA that clever? Oh.... even better then GPS or GPRS, cops get DNA and able to know that's belongs to Mr.Tong Sam Pah. So the good sake, no fingerprints in the database like other countries does (Identity card), which someone can exist in the country unknownly, murdered the lot of people in a day, left fingerprints, Cops get DNA and said, Aha... this is Mr.Sam Pah Tang's DNA. So for the F##K sake, don't bullshit to the public community! You not able to know one's person DNA without having the database at the first place!!!

Friday, January 07, 2005

Dream??? or True???

I was missing in action / away for a week. Everything as planned but end up abit worst than a disaster. I was denied to enter the country due to my passport problem and to solve it is a bit ridiculous which I was requested to leave the country immediately. In conclusion, I will not going back there in my entire life unless that country is being returned to China. Anyway, This trip bring me back to my hometown at "Busy Mountain". Catch up with my family for less than a week. Realise something very strange till I got back....Why I say is a dream??? When I left Perth, there are 2 guys sitting beside me in the plane...When I come back to Perth, the same 2 guys sitting beside me again. What the so coincidence??? The plane is damn can be so coincidence..... well..things happens.... and also when things well planned will not happen. For the past weeks, mostly bad things happen...One evening, while having dinner...*munch* *munch* *munch* *Crunch*....ouch....Ooops....I broke a quater of my last back teeth...what can that be.... Hmmm....bad luck goes... Goood Luck Comes!!!! back to Perth for a few weeks...then will back to the Busy Mountain again for the celebration Chinese New Year...
All the Best to All of You and Happy new Year!!!